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Name:The 4077
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Community description:An all-purpose community for fans M*A*S*H
The 4077 is your all-purpose M*A*S*H community, here to serve your discussion and fan work needs for the books, TV series, or movie. While we encourage you to post your fanworks or discussion here, you're more than welcome to just drop a link to the relevant post in your journal -- for the time being, you don't even have to be a member to post.

Here are some general rules to help make everyone's time here enjoyable:

01. Use the <cut>. Large or multiple pictures, long text, multiple videos, and anything NSFW should be placed behind a cut. General rules of thumb are one video, one image up to 500 pixels in size, fan work header information, and/or three icons can go outside a cut.

02. Use headers, trigger warnings, and disclaimers. We love fan fiction and fan art, but we like to know what we're getting into before we click the link. Make sure to provide information about the rating, pairing, and characters. Disclaimers are strongly encouraged. Whether your post is a fan work or a discussion post, please also warn for common triggers like suicide or sexual assault.

03. Be kind to others' reading lists. This includes things such as not altering fonts or font colors on posts and limiting one-line text-only posts. Also, when clarifying or updating information from a recent post, please strongly consider editing that post rather than creating a new one.

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