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Comrades in Arms: Rehashing an old debate

I've been rewatching M*A*S*H yet again, and just last night I got to "Comrades in Arms," which is the episode where Hawkeye and Margaret go to the 8063rd to show them how to do an arterial transplant, but the 8063 has bugged out, so Hawkeye and Margaret end up taking shelter in an abandoned hut.

I've been in this fandom for ages, and one of the debates that came up time and again was related to this episode. So, I thought I'd bring in up here with a new group of people: do you think Hawkeye and Margaret had sex that night?

Or, you know, feel free to talk about any other of your "Comrades in Arms" feelings! I have many of them myself -- some of which you can see in this post about the second part of "Comrades in Arms" -- and would love to hear yours.
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Whenever I rewatch the series, I skip CIA, both parts. I just hate how out of character it is, especially for Margaret, and Hawkeye/Margaret is my anti-ship. CIA shows a good part of why.

I do think they slept together, as a comfort thing. The way Margaret was acting was a strong indicator. But I wish they hadn't. It threw her so very OOC, and I see them as much more close friends than as a remotely romantic relationship; Margaret is freer with Hawkeye than she is with guys she's canonically, textually interested in romantically (like when she keeps spooning sugar into his coffee, as opposed to how she is with, for instance, Scully or Donald), and for the course of CIA, that was destroyed.

Though when she slaps him is and forever will be amazing. Hawkeye does deserve to get his own sometimes for how he treats women.
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See, you know I don't ship H/M, but I've never really seen CIA as OOC. I see it as a stressful situation leading to a weak moment with pretty predictably crappy consequences. They way they act in those eps always struck me as pretty understandable.

I tend to point to CIA as a big reason why I don't ship H/M, actually. It seems to me to state pretty definitively that they're just not compatible as anything more than friends.
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Self, if you're going to use "out of character" as you would for how Real People act when you're referring to characters, possibly add some actual rider that clarifies that.

It's a natural consequence, I agree, but it's highly atypical, probably because they're very much friends before that happens and, like you said, they're not compatible. They don't act like they do with other people, and that's a big part of why I said it's my anti-ship.