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Oh, yeah, I totally agree, but I suppose one could make the argument that they could've had them be a little more ruffled, maybe had Hawkeye's shirt unbuttoned some, or something like that. I don't really object to that, or even to someone ignoring the out-of-universe context of it being 1970s family TV, because that kind of thing gets discounted all the time when it comes to subtext. It was never outright said, which makes it ambiguous enough that I'm not bothered by other interpretations.

Basically, if I were to randomly write a fic that referenced this scene, it'd probably mention or allude to them having had sex, but if I read a fic that referenced it and it only alluded to them kissing and holding each other, I wouldn't be thrown out of the story, all, "No, that's wrong!" Because, unequivocally, it's not. These kinds of scenes are what headcanon is for! :D

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