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I actually really love the movie too; the show trumps because Margaret evolved and became more likeable, Charles joined the cast, and Potter is excellent. I love S1-S3, which is weird according to people I know from [ profile] mash_slash, but part of that is because I like to give Trapper hidden depths when I write him. Part of it is also because I ship Hawkeye/Trapper more than any other pairing except Margaret/Charles. (My headcanon is that Margaret and Charles get married eventually.)

And we also just get more of the show--there are eleven seasons, compared to just under two hours of the movie.

I've read the novels, too, or at least some of them--MASH, MASH Goes to Maine, and MASH Goes to Morocco. The characters are awful in the books. They're just horrible people.

As to the characters being harsher in the movie, I find the movie overall more realistic than the show. The harshness fits the movie. I also like that Trapper has more depth in the movie; they were supposed to be even in the movie, but the character of Hawkeye basically took over. (That's why I like to give Trapper more depth when I write him, actually.)

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