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I'm not sure how accurate the information is, but I was told some time ago that Wayne Rogers was originally asked to be Hawkeye but he asked to play Trapper instead, and because of that Alan Alda (who was a last-minute casting) ended up with Hawkeye. But in the end, if you compare the two characters in both formats, they seem to have ended up playing the characters they were originally meant to play, only with the names switched over. Besides some personality traits, there's the fact that movie!Hawkeye being the married one, and movie!Trapper being chief surgeon and the one who punches Frank.

Hawkeye/Margaret never really clicked for me, but I think that's mainly because, watching the show in order, Trapper/Margaret came first and as a result ended up making more of an impression on me. Besides Bombed, there's other stories where you can see a strong suggestion of Trapper/Margaret, like Showtime, Hot Lips and Empty Arms or Check-Up. These episodes make me wonder how the show (and, especially, Margaret's character arc) would have evolved if Wayne Rogers had remained in the show. Donald Penobscott would probably have never been created.

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